eBay Trading APIVersion 1367

AddMemberMessageRTQRequestType ( AbstractRequestType )

The base request of the AddMemberMessageRTQ call that enables a seller to reply to a question about an active item listing.

Call that uses AddMemberMessageRTQRequestType:


ItemID ( ItemIDType (string) ) [0..1]
The unique identifier of the listing about which the question was asked. This field is not required if the request includes a RecipientID value in the MemberMessage container, and the bidder/potential buyer and seller do not have more than one listing in common between one another.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use ItemID.

MemberMessage ( MemberMessageType ) [0..1]
This container is used by the seller to answer the question from the bidder/potential buyer. This container includes the recipient ID of the bidder/potential buyer, the message subject, the message body (where the question is answered), and other values related to the message.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use MemberMessage.