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Type defining regulatory information that the seller is required to disclose.

Types that use Regulatory


Calls that use Regulatory


This container provides Economic Operator (EO) information about the manufacturer and/or supplier of the item. The EO is a corporate entity that is related to, has some responsibility for, the product being listed for sale. For additional information, see What is an economic operator?
This container provides information about the energy efficiency for certain durable goods.
This container is used by the seller to provide hazardous material information for the listing.

Three elements are required to complete the Hazmat section of a listing:
  • Pictograms
  • SignalWord
  • Statements
The fourth element, Component, is optional.
This field represents the repair index for the listing.

The repair index identifies the manufacturer's repair score for a product (i.e., how easy is it to repair the product.) This field is a floating point value between 0.0 (i.e., difficult to repair,) and 10.0 (i.e., easily repaired.)

Note: 0 should not be used as a default value, as it implies the product is not repairable.
The format for repairScore is limited to one decimal place. For example:
  • 7.9 and 0.0 are both valid scores
  • 5.645 and 2.10 are both invalid scores

Note: Repair score is not applicable to all categories. Use the getExtendedProducerResponsibilityPolicies method of the Metadata API to see where repair score is applicable.