eBay Trading APIVersion 1363

User Account Call Index

This Call Reference describes the elements and attributes for each eBay User Account call below.

The details in this Call Reference apply if you are developing applications with the Trading WSDL or Trading Schema (XSD) file, or if you are using one of the eBay SDKs. If you are using an SDK, note that there can be differences between the calls outlined in this reference and the calls in the SDK. For details, see eBay SDKs.

Please note that eBay also has REST-Based Selling and Buying APIs for developers who prefer using REST APIs.

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Call Summary Samples

User Account Details Calls

GetUser Retrieves data pertaining to a single eBay user. view
GetAccount Returns a seller's invoice data for their eBay account, including the account's summary data. view

Buying and Selling Activity Calls

GetMyeBaySelling Returns items from the Selling section of the user's My eBay account, including items that the user is currently selling (the Active list), items that have bids, sold items, and unsold items. view
GetMyeBayBuying Returns items from the Buying section of the user's My eBay account, including items that the user is watching, bidding on, has won, has not won, and has made best offers on. view

Account Settings and Preferences Calls

GetUserPreferences Retrieves the specified user preferences for the authenticated caller. view
SetUserPreferences Type defining the SetUserPreferences request container. view
GetShippingDiscountProfiles Returns the shipping discount profiles defined by the user, along with other combined payment-related details such as packaging and handling costs. view
SetShippingDiscountProfiles Enables a seller to define shipping cost discount profiles for things such as combined payments for shipping and handling costs. view
GetTaxTable Retrieves the tax table for a user on a given site or retrieves the valid jurisdictions (if any) for a given site. view
SetTaxTable Sets the tax table for a seller on a given site. view
  Note: If you prefer REST-Based APIs, the following are alternatives to the preceding calls:

Notification Calls

GetNotificationPreferences Retrieves the requesting application's notification preferences. view
SetNotificationPreferences Manages notification and alert preferences for applications and users. view
GetNotificationsUsage Retrieves usage information about platform notifications for a given application. Guide only

Miscellaneous My eBay Calls

AddToWatchList Adds one or more items to the user's My eBay watch list. view
RemoveFromWatchList Enables a user to remove one or more items from their My eBay watch list. view
SetUserNotes Enables users to add, replace, and delete My eBay notes for items that are being tracked in the My eBay All Selling and All Buying areas. view

Token/User Authentication Calls

ConfirmIdentity Returns the ID of a user who has gone through an application's consent flow process for obtaining an authorization token. view
FetchToken Retrieves an authentication token for a user. view
GetChallengeToken Retrieves a botblock token and URLs for an image or audio clip that the user is to match. view
GetClientAlertsAuthToken Retrieves a token required for the GetUserAlerts call in the Client Alerts API. view
GetSessionID Retrieves a session ID that identifies a user and your application when you make a FetchToken request. view
GetTokenStatus Requests current status of user token. view
RevokeToken Voluntarily revokes a token before it would otherwise expire. view
ValidateChallengeInput Validates the user response to a GetChallengeToken botblock challenge. Guide only
ValidateTestUserRegistration Requests to enable a test user to sell items in the Sandbox environment. view

VeRO Program Calls

GetVeROReasonCodeDetails Retrieves details about VeRO reason codes for a given site or all sites. You must be a member of the Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Program to use this call. Guide only
GetVeROReportStatus Retrieves status information about VeRO reported items. You must be a member of the Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Program to use this call. Guide only
VeROReportItems Reports items that allegedly infringe your copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights. You must be a member of the Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Program to use this call. Guide only