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RESOLVED--Snapshot hourly feeds returned no or low volume dataFeed APIProductionResolvedTue Sep 01 2020 17:12:26 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED- GetOrders and GetSellerTransactions APIs are returning ShippingServiceSelected.ShippingService 'Not Selected' for some ordersTrading APIProductionResolvedThu Jul 02 2020 10:38:00 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED-Snapshot hourly feeds not returning data Feed APIProductionResolvedThu Jun 11 2020 14:42:32 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED-Some Platform Notifications are missing Platform NotificationProductionResolvedThu Jun 11 2020 12:02:44 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED-Sell Marketing Report API might fail with 503 errorSell MarketingProductionResolvedFri May 29 2020 21:07:43 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED-Trading API returning 404 errorTrading ProductionResolvedFri May 15 2020 13:00:56 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED-Snapshot feed not returning data started on 05/09/2020 00:00 GMTFeed APIProductionResolvedSat May 09 2020 12:48:11 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED-Fulfillment getOrders/getOrder returning empty "fulfillmentStartInstructions" without address detailsFulfillment APIProductionResolvedThu May 07 2020 08:29:49 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED-Browse getItem API returning 'The specified item Id was not found' on some marketplacesBrowseProductionResolvedThu Apr 16 2020 10:17:06 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED-Trading API timeout issueTrading ProductionResolvedFri Apr 10 2020 15:36:13 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED-UploadSiteHostedPictures API returning HTTP 302Trading APIProductionResolvedTue Mar 31 2020 09:26:46 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED -Snapshot feed is unavailable started on 03/03/2020 21:00 GMTFeed APIProductionResolvedWed Mar 04 2020 14:45:17 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED - Notification signature not matchPlatform NotificationProductionResolvedMon Sep 30 2019 11:08:10 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED: UploadSiteHostedPictures : Internal error to the application (10007)Trading APIProductionResolvedFri Sep 20 2019 09:38:41 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED - Unable to generate sandbox OAuth token in Developer PortalDeveloper PortalProductionResolvedWed Sep 11 2019 11:18:00 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED- Inventory API calls are failing with 'A system error has occurred'Inventory APIProductionResolvedMon Jul 29 2019 09:27:59 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED - LMS Jobs failed with "There is failure during file upload"LMSProductionResolvedWed Jul 10 2019 09:05:36 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
RESOLVED - UploadFile failed with Invalid Format errorLMSProductionResolvedMon Jul 08 2019 10:34:19 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
LMS Jobs are returning "Unable to create xml stream reader for XML"LMSProductionResolvedThu Jun 06 2019 12:02:58 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
LMS Jobs are being abortedLMSProductionResolvedWed May 29 2019 16:18:12 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)