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Published: September 27 2007, 10:05:00 PMUpdated: June 20 2023, 11:09:08 AM

How do I determine buy it now price for a listing?

Detailed Description 

   A Chinese auction item can be listed with both StartPrice and BuyItNowPrice. Fixed price items (ListingType = 'FixedPriceItem' ) are allowed to be listed with StartPrice even though they are marked as BuyItNow on the eBay Web site. As a result, you can call GetItem API and examine ListingType propery and BuyItNowAvailable property to determine whether to label an itme as BuyItNow . 

     String listingType = item.getListingType().toString();
     if (  listingType.equals("FixedPriceItem")  ){ 
          // it's a Fixed price item, and the item in quesion should be labeled as BuyItNow

          // here is the price for this item

      }else if (listingType.equals("Chinese" ) ){
          // it's an auction item, and here is the current bid price for the item
           item.getSellingStatus().getCurrentPrice ().getValue();  

          if (  item.getListingDetails().getBuyItNowAvailable() ) {              
             // it's a Chinese item that listed with BuyItNowPrice feature       
             // the item in question should be marked as BuyItNow

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