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Published: July 29 2010, 5:04:00 PMUpdated: August 16 2022, 3:18:26 PM


I need to know what changes I need to make to my PHP scripts to support the new item conditions. How do I specify the ConditionID correctly?



Attached is a self-contained script that can add an item via the AddItem API. The important part of this file for ConditionID is this line:

$item->addChild("ConditionID", 1000);

$item was initialize with this line:


By adding a child to $item, you are creating the Item.ConditionID needed for specifying the condition of your new listing.

For your convenience, after installing this script on you PHP web server, you can add ?debug=true to your URL to get some further output on the page.

Additional Information:

Item.ConditionID -

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