Explore our SDKs, widgets, and WSDLs to learn how to make your application development easier.

SDKs for eBay APIs

SDKs (software development kits) are designed to make application development easier and more efficient. SDKs are downloadable kits that include precoded solutions for common programming tasks in a language you already use.

SDKs help simplify some common programming tasks, such as error handling and call retry. Learn more about all eBay SDKs.

Customizable widgets

eBay widgets are customizable, reusable components powered by eBay APIs that make it easier for you to add certain functions to your application.

Learn more about eBay widgets.

WSDL to create client stub

Just like every RESTful API has OAS contracts available for download, every traditional API has an XML-based WSDL available that will help a user get up and running making API calls. The location of the WSDLs for each API can be found on the "Making a Call" page of that API's documentation set. For the Trading API, click here to download the latest WSDL.

Use the WSDL pruner tool  to prune a copy of the eBay Trading WSDL to reduce the operational size of the WSDL.