Formal eBay support comes from the Developer Technical Support team. You must be a registered eBay developer with active support to interact with Developer Technical Support. If you exhaust your ability to debug your application, or if you think you have encountered a bug in an eBay interface, you can contact Developer Technical Support for help.

Enable premium support

Before you can request Premium Support:

  • You must have either already purchased Developer Technical Support support hours, or

  • You need to purchase them via the Purchase Hours tab on the Premium Support site. If you do not have any hours available, select Purchase Hours and specify the number of hours you want (either a 4-hour package for $250 or individual hours at $75 each), and pay using PayPal.

Once you have purchased support hours, go to the Request Support tab to file a ticket.

Create a support request

To create a support request, go to the Request Support tab of the Premium Support page and complete a ticket.

Additional Help Resources

In addition to the resources that directly support your eBay application development, the following resources provide details on the rich eBay feature set: